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Making the UK the safest place to live, work and raise a family would be impossible without the work of crime-fighting police officers up and down the country. This week, we shine a light on the successes from as afar afield as Dover and Greenock.

Traffic Stop of the Week

A brilliant traffic stop from police in Kent who tracked down a vehicle involved in crime in the Thames Valley police area. The vehicle as stopped and searched, with a number of stolen boat engines recovered – and a number of arrests made. A reminder that criminals don’t care about police borders and that teamwork between forces is essential in the fight against crime.

Foot Patrol of the Week

Police on foot in Beverley had a great result when they arrested a male wanted for an attempted robbery. He was also found to be in possession of drugs. Local knowledge – of people and geography – is hugely beneficial to the fight against crime and disorder in our neighbourhoods.

Community Payback

More great work clearing up public sapces this week. Probation in Enfield had their convicted criminals sentenced to Community Payback clearing up alley ways and other fly-tipping sites. Undoubtedly improving the look and feel of the neighbourhood.

Arrest of the Week

A brilliant result from police in Bethnal Green who stopped, searched, arrested, charged and remanded a 16-year old for having a large hunting knife on him, when they responded to concerns about young people in a stairwell on a housing estate. Great work!

Stop and Search

Police on proactive patrols in Greenock stopped a vehicle and searched the driver – recovering drugs and a knife. These officers undoubtedly making our streets safer by taking this criminal, their weaponry, and their drugs off the street. Bravo!

Warrants and Raids

Finally, police in Hampshire raided an address in Andover – recovering illegal drugs, a stolen e-bike and other items. Two people were arrested. An example of local crimefighting activity that needs to be resourced, if we are to make the UK the safest place to live, work and raise a family.

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