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Another week of crime-fighting from some of the dedicated police officers working hard across the UK to make our streets safer.

Warrants and Raids

This week saw police in Harlsesden, London, conducting checks on an address that was subject to a Closure Order. Closure Orders set limits on who may or may not be on the premises. They are often used effectively to tackle addresses associated with persistent anti-social behaviour and more serious crime such as drug-dealing. On this occasion the officers found two people in breach and promptly arrested them. Great work!


This week we celebrate some excelent work by police in Sidcup who used their powers to locate a vehicle found to contain more than 80 catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are routinely stolen from cars across the country as they contain precious metals that criminals then seek to sell back into the market.

Community Payback

Probation in Bradford made great use of their Community Payback programme to clean up streets and alleways of litter, spiky branches and more besides. When used appropriately, Community Payback, helps ensure those convicted of crimes are properly punished and provided with an opportunity to clean up their local neighbourhoods. Good work in Bradford!

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