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Our Founder, Rory Geoghegan, spoke to GB News about the Commissioner’s comments:

“The police need to recognise that it’s not their job to judge, side with, or oppose protestors or their politics. They are there to enforce the law and maintain order.
They shouldn’t have ever taken the knee for Black Lives Matter and they shouldn’t now be seeking to smear many ordinary Brits who have a love of their country and legitimate concerns about the future as members of the ‘extreme right’.
Whatever one’s view of Tommy Robinson – and in a free country we should be entitled to one – it is deeply concerning that the most senior police officer in the land would tar the many thousands of ordinary Brits in attendance as being members of an ‘extreme right’ protest.
For any of the thousands in attendance or more than 800,000 who watched it live online, it was very clearly not an ‘extreme right’ protest.
The leadership of British policing need to recognise that their use of such language will only fuel the perception of two-tier policing and undermine the great British public’s trust and confidence in a vital public service.
Sir Mark’s use of such language also sets a terrible example for the men and women he professes to lead.
His remarks this morning will have made the job of the brave men and women on the frontline that bit harder, as they have to work even harder to win back much-needed public support.”

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