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Our Founder, Rory Geoghegan, comments on a knife crime story by GB News:

“The reality is that there are sharp knives in every kitchen in the country. Measures to tackle the supply of knives are well-meaning, but will do little to get knives out of the waistbands and hands of people on our streets.”

“Politicians need to show their support for stop and search and prison sentences for those who carry weapons on our streets. Anything less is little more than virtue-signalling at the expense of the safety of typically young men and boys.

“London’s recent history on stop and search under Sadiq Khan is especially concerning, with the Met hitting record lows in the number of searches.

“Meanwhile the government, under Rishi Sunak, has been pursuing measures that would see even more knife carriers avoid a prison sentence. The law-abiding majority deserve much better from our politicians.”

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