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The Public Safety Foundation


The Public Safety Foundation’s Founder, Rory Geoghegan, writes for The Telegraph:

Be under no illusion: an army of activists and bureaucrats are busily transforming our criminal justice system by stealth. The latest evidence can be found in the latest diktats from the Sentencing Council. Buried in their latest “miscellaneous amendment”, they tell judges to consider more lenient sentences for those from “difficult” or “deprived” backgrounds.

The non-exhaustive laundry list includes everything from “experience of discrimination”, through to “poverty”, “low educational attainment” and even “negative experiences of authority”.

From my own time policing Britain’s streets, most criminals considered being caught, never mind convicted, to be a “negative experience of authority”.

How long until we hear of a violent thug being spared jail for assaulting a police officer, or a teacher, because they claimed to have had a “bad experience” at the hands of “the police” or a strict teacher?

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