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An abridged update this week, as the team is away, but it is great to see police and probation up and down the country continuing to fight crime and disorder.

Traffic Stop of the Week

Driving at 76mph in a 50mph zone is certainly putting other road users and members of the public at risk. So it was great to see Wiltshire’s Road Policing Unit stop the driver. Of course, they soon discovered the driver was also involved in other criminality: including drug possession and immigration crime. Great work guys!

Community Payback

Probation in Newcastle made great use of Community Payback, picking up litter and improving the environment in and around Leazes Park. We know that cleaner streets are safer streets, and so it’s great to see probation applying this to other public spaces!

Arrest of the Week

More eagle-eyed police officers fighting crime in our arrest of the week – this time in Erdington, where police spotted a stolen vehicle, and subsequently arrested the driver for also being in possession of a large knife! Undoubtedly making our streets safer!

Stop and Search

Great stop and search this week from Norwich, where a driver and passenger were searched and arrested for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. Well done guys!

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