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This week we’ve been celebrating great crime-fighting work from across the UK, including foot patrols in Bridlington and foot chases in Cambridge. In each and every case, professionals working hard to improve public safety for us all.

Foot Patrol of the Week

A big shout out this week ro Sergeant Almond and Inspector Hussain of Humberside Police who were out and about on foot patrol in Bridlington during the Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week. It was great to see these police officers leading by example, out on foot, looking smart and engaging in proactive neighbourhood policing.

Community Payback

Another brilliant example of Community Payback being used to make our streets and public spaces cleaner, and therefore safer. This week it was the turn of London Probation in Tower Hamlets, who cleared 3 tonnes of litter, rubbish and fly-tipping from the St Mary’s Allotments and immediate vicinity. Great work!

Arrest of the Week

We expect a huge amount from our routinely unarmed police force – and this week saw a Special Constable (a volunteer police officer) disarm a suspected gunman before armed police officers arrived, this followed a shot being fired in Birmingham city centre. Courageous work!

Stop and Search

Bodyworn video footage from police in Cambridge revealed the crime-fighting efforts of police officers – chasing a suspect carrying a knife in the city. The police got their man, arresting him on suspicion of both drug offences and possession of an offensive weapon. Stop and search saves lives, and is a vital tool in the armoury to tackle knife crime and make our streets safer.

Warrants and Raids

Finally, another week and another raid of a suspected drug dealer – this time in Gloucester. With the assistance of Police Dog Milo, the warrant was executed and thousands of pounds of drugs were seized and a male was arrested on suspicion of drug supply. Important work to send a clear signal that drug dealing is unacceptable.

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