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Suzanne Williams is an Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School where she teaches on the Oxford Programme on Negotiation. She is an experienced and internationally renowned hostage negotiator.

As a London senior detective Sue was the Officer in Charge of both the Kidnap and the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Units at Scotland Yard. At the highest-level Sue has been an active contributor to the UK Government’s crisis response process in cases of kidnap or abduction overseas. She has regularly advised senior ministers as part of the Cabinet Office Briefings (COBRA), the Government’s crisis management structure.

Sue qualified as an Hostage Negotiator both in the UK with New Scotland Yard and in the USA with the Federal Bureau of Investigation 27 years ago. Since that time she has contributed to the successful resolution of hundreds of kidnaps and hostage situations on land and the high seas. More recently she has undertaken cyber negotiations as a tactic for combating extortion.

Sue is a recipient of the Queen’s Police Medal; this was in recognition of her commitment in the fields of kidnap, negotiation and saving of life.

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