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As we reach the end of June, another great set of crime-fighting activities from across the UK.

Traffic Stop of the Week

Dealing with simple offences – such as not wearing a seat belt – often lead police to detect further criminality, as in this case from Thurrock where Essex Police officers found the driver to have no insurance and to be a suspected drug driver.

Community Payback

A great example of Community Payback from Fife this week, where convicted criminals paid back their debt to society by transforming the 24th Fife Scout Group hut with improvements to the building.

Police Dog of the Week

Police dogs do great work helping protect the public in the fight against crime and disorder. This week Police Dog Quga from Merseyside Police tracked down a suspect who had threatened people with a knife.

Arrest of the Week

Brilliant to see proactive crimefighting from police in the West Midlands who used their powers and resources to arrest four teenagers suspected to have been involved in the burglary and theft of a vehicle.

Warrants and Raids

Police in Fallowfield made the streets safer this week when they raided an address and recovered a firearm, ammunition and drugs. It’s vital that the police prioritise and are resourced to undertake raids such as these to tackle crime and disorder locally.

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