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This week saw police get out on foot with their Volunteer Police Cadets in Birmingham, and taking out car criminals in Britxon. An action-packed week of crime-fighting!

Traffic Stop of the Week

Starting in Brixton, police officers spotted a stolen car. When they went to stop it, it made off and was later found to have crashed into a tree. Police officers on cycle patrol pursued and caught the driver. Great teamwork taking a dangerous criminal off the road!

Foot Patrol of the Week

Great to see police officers out on foot and being joined by local Volunteer Police Cadets. This week’s example comes from Birmingham, featuring PC Wedderburn and colleagues!

Community Payback

Haltwhistle received the visible benefit of Community Payback this week, with offenders made to clear up litter, paint benches, edge paths, and generally improve the quality of the public space. We know that cleaner streets are safer streets, so great to see Probation making excellent use of Community Payback!

Stop and Search

For two weeks on the trot, our stop and search of the week has gone to police officers in Glasgow – repeatedly taking knives and offensive weapons off the streets. The much-heralded “public health approach” and the “success of Glasgow” often overlooks the vital role that stop and search plays in reducing serious violence. Great to see the cops in Glasgow demonstrating just how vital a tool it is to make the streets safer!

Warrants and Raids

Drug dealers make our streets less safe and peddle misery, so we were delighted to see police in Northampton raid another address and take out a crack cocaine drug dealer. This example was from April, but the dealer was sentenced this week and the following body worn video has now been released. Great work from Northamptonshire’s finest.

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