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The Public Safety Foundation


During the week we formally launched The Public Safety Foundation with both the Home Secretary and Policing and Crime Minister, we were delighted to continue to see more great work right across the UK – from Barnstaple to Enniskillen.

Foot Patrol of the Week

Devon and Cornwall Police have been on a bit of a roll with ‘Op Loki’ helping to get more police officers on foot in town centres. This week we were delighted to see police on patrol on foot in Barnstaple town centre – and working with other agencies to make the streets cleaner and safer.

Community Payback

Community Payback sees convicted criminals required to complete unpaid work. Historically this has often involved activities that the public don’t see – such as sitting in charity shops. We are pleased to see a growing number of Community Payback activity allocated towards visible clean-ups of public spaces. This week, we were pleased to hear of the work in Edgeley, clearing up alleyways and communal spaces.

Traffic Stops

Police stopping vehicles on our roads are often asked: “Why don’t you stop some real criminals?”. Despite the obvious benefit that comes from ensuring the rules of the road are enforced, this week highlighted how traffic stops very often lead to the detection of more serious crime. In this case, a routine stop for no insurance unearthed the driver was also wanted for murder. Great work that highlights why when police think traffic, they should also think crime!

Stop and Search

Over in Enniskillen, police had a terrific result while on foot. They stopped and searched an individual and recovered 270 Diazepam pills, before arresting and charging the suspect with drug offences. Thank you for making our streets safer!


A big shout out to PC Greg Pick, an off duty Nottinghamshire Police officer in West Bridgford, who chased down a bike theift after seeing men acting suspiciously. Proof that police are never really off duty, and a testament to PC Pick’s determination to fight crime and make our streets safer. Thank you PC Pick!

Warrants and Raids

Finally, another great result from a warrant conducted on an address. This time it was neighbourhood police officers in Leeds who seized £125,000 worth of cannabis, a can of incapacitant spray, and more than £50,000 in cash. Great work raiding an address with such a good result – and brilliant to hear three people arrested. Hopefully charges followed!

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