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The first week of April saw more excellent work making the street safer from right across the UK.

Traffic Stops

In Humberside, Police Dog Roxy and colleagues stopped a stolen vehicle and the driver was subsequently arrested for burglary. Police dogs really help the police catch criminals and deter those who might be up to no good. A great result from Police Dog Roxy and her handler!

Stop and Search

Another knife and the person carrying it was taken off the street thanks to the excellent use of stop and search to reduce violent crime. In this particular case, officers on foot patrol in Romford made the arrests.


In Belfast, police arrested a man and found more than £100,000 of drugs and £30,000 of cash as part of an investigation into the supply of illegal drugs. The Police Service of Northern Ireland operate in a challenging environment, and good to see them tackling drug-dealing robustly. Well done!

Warrants and Raids

Meanwhile, in Preston, as part of a police operation named ‘Warrior’, police taided an address early in the morning and seized drugs, cash and weapons. Great to see these Lancashire police officers taking the fight against crime to the door of another drug dealer! Great work!

Community Payback

Finally, in Derbyshire, probation officers put convicted criminals to work cleaning up rubbish from paths, parks, and housing estates – with more than 70 bags of rubbish collected. We know that cleaner streets are safer streets, so it’s great to see probation in Derbyshire making sure that Community Payback contributes to the fight against crime!

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