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Our picks this week stretch from the Isles of Scilly to Northumbria. A huge pat on the back to all those police and probation officers and staff this week who helped make us all safer through their hard work.

Foot Patrol of the Week

We got a bit muddled this week and ended up talking about the Isle of Wight, when we meant the Isles of Scilly! Fortunately, the eagle-eyed police officers of the Scilly Isles were quick to let us know. Nonetheless, our foot patrol of the week goes to PC Niki Reed, newly-arrived on the Isles of Scilly, and sure to continue the great work of the team keeping the Isles safe for us all!

Community Payback

Cleaner streets really are safer streets. So it was great to see probation in Manchester putting Community Payback to good use clearing up a popular walkway that had become obstructed by a fallen tree. Whether it’s clearing fallen trees, litter, graffiti, or fly-tipping, Community Payback presents an opportunity that every neighbourhood seize upon to help drive improvements to their local area.

Arrest of the Week

More great crime-fighting from police officers – this time in Stratford, London, where arrests were made for carrying knives, robbery, sexual offences, and breaching bail conditions. Great common-sense crime-fighting from police officers, helping make our streets safer.

Stop and Search

Police officers in Southampton stopped two men following an incident in the city. A stop and search of the men revealed two knives hidden in their waistbands. There really is no excuse for carrying such weaponry on our streets, and it’s so important that we support the police to proactively use their powers to make the streets safer. Great work from the officers involved.

Traffic Stop

Police in Stourbridge came up trumps when they stopped this Range Rover in response to local concerns about drug dealing. The vehicle tried to make off from police, but the occupants were subsequently detained and found to be in possession of baseball bats and balaclavas. The vehicle had no insurance, and so in addition to the arrests, the vehicle was seized. Excellent work from some crime-fighting police officers!

Warrants and Raids

Our warrant of the week goes to Northumbria Police who worked with Trading Standards to raid two addresses in Percy Main linked to the supply of illegal and counterfeit goods, in this case, recovering £50,000 of harmful vapes. Excellent work by police and Trading Standards – not least since it is an area for potential partnership that is often underexploited and allows criminals an opportunity to cause further harm to the public. Great work!

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