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A slightly compressed week as we resume issuing our Safer Streets Weekly Updates every Wednesday. This week we cover everything from a proactive traffic stop in Luton to another successful police raid in Newcastle!

Traffic Stop of the Week

Police officers brough a suspected stolen vehicle to a safe stop in Luton on the M1, using their vehicles and advanced training to ensure public safety. Four teenagers were all arrested and the vehicle was seized as it was suspected to have been stolen from the Northamptonshire Police area. Great work!

Arrest of the Week

Eagle-eyed officers in Kent stopped a driver for using their mobile phone. After stopping the vehicle, a search was conducted and more than £1million of drugs were found and seized, with the driver arrested. An excellent example of a simple everyday traffic stop helping make our streets safer!

Stop and Search

Stop and search took more weapons and drugs off the streets in Preston, with both occupants of the vehicle stopped, searched and arrested for drug supply and offensive weapon offences. Don’t forget that stop and search helps save lives and helps fight acquisitive crime.

Warrants and Raids

Police in Newcastle raided a property this week recovering drugs, cash and weapons, with two arrests made. Another excellent example of police officers working hard to make our streets safer.

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