Your Stories

Crime and anti-social behaviour inflicts a heavy toll on young people, adults, families, and neighbourhoods. We invite you to share your story and experience with us, so that we can help ensure everyone understands the importance of tackling crime and disorder.

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Why share my story?

Sharing your story helps provide us with concrete examples of how crime and disorder impacts on real people. Your story may be about how a crime has impacted you, how anti-social behaviour has affected your quality of life, or your story may be about a crime you witnessed.

We will review the stories and information submitted and may follow-up with you to discuss your experience in more detail, or to seek your consent to share your story with a wider audience.

We will never share or publish your story without your express consent. You can ask us to delete your story from our systems at any time.

Where can I get help?

Crime and anti-social behaviour can have a profound impact on victims and witnesses. In the event that you need help, we've collated a list of organisations who may be able to help.

We encourage the reporting of crime to your local police, who you can find via or by calling 101.

We also encourage you to make use of services such as: