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Our Founder, Rory Geoghegan, wrote for The Spectator, excerpts below:

“Some of Britain’s police chiefs are in a total pickle when it comes to race, not least as a result of them rushing to embrace critical race theory and anti-racist ideology in the wake of George Floyd’s death in the United States in 2020. Whether actually captured, or simply pretending to be, they have committed policing to a political course that risks ending very badly.

Combating racism is an important cause, of course – but the BTP’s response is no solution: seeing everything as racist is dumb, and embracing a new -phobia that has been fermenting in activist councils like Bristol and Hackney is unlikely to be helpful.

This misjudged declaration is just the latest from police chiefs. Following George Floyd’s death – several thousand miles away on a different continent – the College of Policing and National Police Chiefs’ Council in the UK decided to commit policing to being ‘anti-racist’.

They were seemingly indifferent to, or ignorant of, the fact that in doing so they were committing policing to the idea – held dear by the anti-racist ideologues – that past discrimination can only be tackled by current discrimination. This is a divisive and dangerous nonsense: a supposedly impartial police force should not be signing up to such divisive ideology.

While crime-fighting police officers learn to accept nothing, believe nobody, and check everything – the ‘ABC’ of serious investigation – some of the managers and leaders in policing seem either to have forgotten that lesson, or never learned it.”

When she was home secretary, Suella Braverman rightly ordered a review of political activism in policing. The extent of policing’s blindness to its own capture will be made clear when His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary publishes its findings this year. They ought to conclude that critical race theory, anti-racism, and gender ideology should have no place in policing.

Read the full article at The Spectator.

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